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Omslagsbild för  I know a woman
Isbn: 978-91-8875-155-3
Förlag: Vulkan Bokförlag
Medicin & hälsa
Tillgänglig sedan: februari 2018

E-bok | 28 dygns lånetid

I know a woman

Why are so many humans feeling empty and alienated? What is the reason for people to stay in the comfort zone, too afraid to leave the mainstream?
Many of us live our life from survival strategies, which are so deeply ingrained in our subconscious that we do not even think about them. We create a "cage", where we believe we are safe, ready to abandon our soul over and over. Maybe one day we dare to wake up and let our soul lead us on the journey that has no end; to become ourselves as origin. We have to die and be reborn, again and again. In this unknown space, we have no control and we are far away from the way we used to live our life. What counts is our actions. We start to be honest, respectful, responsible, and clear, whatever this cost us. This is living from dignity and necessity, and we do not exlude anyone or anything.
This is a book about life, before life, with life, through life and living the life that is greater than you. This is a book about the fourth life in this life. This is a book about Reconstructive, the model of life from our origin. This is a book about life growing from fertile darkness. This is a book about learning to live outside the cage. This is a book about Marie Fridolf.

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